In my early 20s, I let material possessions be the definition of success.

In my early 30s, it was knowledge and skills.

Now, I’ll let my values define me:

I used to think success is in the future once something happens,

I now know that everything I could ever desire lays in the present moment.

I used to only focus on accomplishing audacious goals,

I now know that developing great habits is way more meaningful.

Last year, I wrote a mantra to connect my body, mind, and soul.

This year, I will focus on developing habits that cultivate my values. I developed this matrix to put the above principles into action.

To a motivating year ahead!

My planet is the only home for my body.

My body is the only home for my mind.

My mind is the only home for my heart.

To love my planet, understand my body.

To love my body, understand my mind.

To love my mind, understand my heart.

To have an able body, care for my planet.

To have an able mind, care for my body.

To have an able heart, care for my mind.

To motivate my body, feed my mind.

To motivate my mind, feed my heart.

To motivate my heart, feed my soul.

Our lives have drastically changed in the last 50 years: where we live, how we work and have fun, and what we eat. Our kitchen has remained the same.

The population is getting older

Everywhere in the world, the population is getting older, especially in developed nations. Healthcare is getting better, people are getting married later, and couples have fewer children. In a few years, there will be more people over 65 than there are under 14. This means industries must be more efficient, do more with less. This also presents interesting challenges on social security systems, job markets, schools, service sectors, and many other parts of society.

Every startup will need to attract talent, to solve big problems, and embark on the quest to change the world together. The topic of equity will certainly come up multiple times, especially with those that will play a major role.

To avoid frequent dilution whenever someone new joins, usually a predefined slice of the pie is carved out as options to purchase shares, called the option pool. However, sometimes there isn’t enough options in the pool to give, or the type of relationship (ie. cofounder) requires issuing new founder shares.

When new shares are issued, it creates two interesting dynamics…

last updated: April 14, 2018

40% of the food produced goes to waste because it’s hard to predict the volatility of consumer demand when much of the data is fragmented, and experience is offline. But this is an optimization problem perfect for computers to solve, so it’s inevitable for this trillion-dollar industry to come online. Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart will continue to invest heavily in digitizing the supply-chain side. Last-mile restaurant meal delivery companies like Uber and DoorDash will attempt to become the POS for most QSRs. As minimum wage increases, the pressure will rise for businesses at the top…

Last night, I got up at 3am to check the results, and pinched myself to try to wake up.

The once entertaining political circus has turned into an operating table.

As a Canadian, a once racially bullied immigrant, I’m reminded at the pain I once felt while growing up, as a terrible human being will be the next president. I thought I knew America, but I think I really don’t. That is the most troubling thought.

I want to make sense of it all, to find the silver lining. It’s hard, but there is hope.

So if you are feeling…

It was Independence Day. How lucky we are. The privilege of peace and freedom. Look at how much we’ve grown, tolerating others’ differences: Slavery, sexist, racists, LGBTs. In their struggles, we saw our own struggles. In their differences, we saw our own differences. In their love, we saw our own love. It wasn’t easy. It took generations, bloodshed, leadership, and faith in our core values as human beings. Some say “make America great again”. When have we ever stopped? It isn’t about doing the easy things, it’s about doing the right things. Deep down, we know that’s true, and what…

Mobile technology has come a long ways. The birth of the internet, open search, social networking, cloud computing, and mobile computing has transformed all aspects of our civilization and individual lives. It has profoundly organized and optimized the way in which our society operate, connecting once disjointed supply chains into interoperable services built on a technology stack. So it’s an incredible and exciting time to be in tech.

As the CEO of a technology focused food startup, I often think about the question, “what will the people in 2020 eat?” Realizing the food chain is probably due for a complete…

This is a list of hardware 2.0 companies building the future of self.

Cue — The intelligent molecular monitor

6SensorLabsThe intelligent food allergen detector

Yang Yu

CEO at, Making great food accessible to everyone

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